AKULAR AR Platform

Category: Mixed Reality
What the AKULAR AR Platform Integration Does
  • Converts any 3D file format into Augmented Reality
  • Enhances the visual quality of 3D models, provides meta-data visualization and animation
  • Augmented Reality visualization of geo-located, real size 3D models via phone or tablet
Integration Details

The AKULAR AR Platform processes and converts any 3D file format to Augmented Reality. Users can use the geo-location feature to place any of their real size 3D models exactly where they need to be using their smartphone or tablet. 


Upgrade to a custom AKULAR bespoke app on BIM360. 


Now accessible through BIM360, AKULAR provides users with an Augmented Reality app and quick conversion platform that provides an immersive walkthroughs to experience your projects in real size, real time and geolocated using just a smartphone or tablet.