APE Mobile

APE Mobile Connector

Category: Data Management
Works With: Build, Coordinate, Ops, Docs, Team, Plan, Layout
What the APE Mobile Connector Integration Does
  • Captures all site data and save PDFs to BIM 360 Project Files
  • Reduces rework and increases compliance in the field
  • Syncs selected BIM 360 projects & users to APE Mobile
Integration Details

Adds a robust forms & data capture solution to BIM 360. All your site forms are supported from Take 5's, Pre-starts, Permits, ITPs and Daily Logs through to complex engineering documents. Getting answers is simple too: ask your phone questions like "How much concrete have we poured this week?".

About APE Mobile

APE Mobile is the best of breed construction app to capture & manage site data and connect the field and office. It gives you total flexibility to match the way you work with your forms and workflows. Improve Time, Materials & Equipment Tracking, Project Progress, Safety, Quality & Risk Management.