BlackSmithSoft B.V.

Power Search

Category: Document & File Management
Works With: Docs
What the Power Search Integration Does
  • Links to BIM 360 Docs and allows users to do multi-criteria, custom attributes and other searches.
  • Files listed in search results can be directly downloaded or opened in BIM 360.
  • Search results can be exported to Microsoft® Excel for easier sorting and reviewing.
Integration Details

Integrated with BIM 360 Docs, the application allows users to do multi-criteria searches for files based on name, version, date, created by, created on, last modified, last modified by, and file type. Files are retrieved in a clickable list. Lists can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel.

About BlackSmithSoft B.V.

BlackSmithSoft provides a cloud-based platform that combines all project-essential elements in one place including BIM models, schedules, bill of quantity, costs, budgets, documents, field progress, and dashboard reporting.