IMAJION Collaboration Platform

Category: Mixed Reality
Works With: Docs, Team
What the IMAJION Collaboration Platform Integration Does
  • Securely synchronizes your BIM360 projects' plans and project files libraries to IMAJION
  • Populates your BIM360 project user directory as IMAJION contacts to call and message directly
  • Enables sharing BIM360 files and documents securely with stakeholders on and off site in conferences
  • Stores call recordings and snapshots taken on site in the BIM360 project library automatically
Integration Details

IMAJION allows users to operate hands free and share their view and voice through AR with remote participants in real time conferences. Users synchronize their BIM360 projects to IMAJION to communicate with teammates, store recordings in BIM360 automatically, and share files like drawings or models.


IMAJION builds an innovative collaboration platform for the AEC industry. The IMAJION Collaboration Platform is the remote work tool for construction, engineering, architecture, and inspection, enabling interactive remote access to job sites through augmented reality for groups around the world.