Site-Eye (Siteeye Timelapse Ltd)


Category: Reality Capture
What the Site-Eye Integration Does
  • Shows high quality still images of the site taken at regular intervals (usually 10 minutes)
  • Shows time-lapse and drone clips videos of the project
  • Can show live video streams of the project
  • Includes comparison tools to see what has changed
Integration Details

Our bespoke system combines the latest DSLR cameras with a unique computer back-end, allowing us to record every project in 4K, 8K or higher resolution.

With SiteStream cameras added to the system, you receive the added benefit of HD video clips of your project alongside the stills. 

About Site-Eye (Siteeye Timelapse Ltd)

Site-Eye is one of the longest running time-lapse and construction imagery companies. We have provided cutting edge site monitoring and time-lapse services since 2000 to many thousands of clients around the world.