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Get the most out of construction technology by integrating the software you already use with BIM 360. Built on an open and secure API platform, BIM 360 enables users to easily integrate with other construction software, including drone technology, estimating and bid management, as well as safety management tools.

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Whether the goal is to simply avoid duplicate data, automate manual tasks or raise the value of your application, connecting to BIM 360 can bring more value to your customers.

And with access to APIs and the Forge development platform and community, connecting to BIM 360 is a breeze.

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From online training classes to help with BIM 360 services, hire trusted consultants.
Forge Developer Support
From code samples through access to advanced technical support, the Forge community is focused on your success.
AEC Industry Partners
Engage with Autodesk partners to deliver complementary solutions to construction, building and infrastructure customers.

Use Your Data Your Way

Whether you are a customer looking to get more value out of your project data and applications, or a software provider that wants to extend the reach of your application, an integration with BIM 360 can help.

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What Customers are Saying

"We are really starting to look at data differently at JE Dunn… the big win is transparency."
- JE Dunn
Reseller Programmes
"Field Executive for BIM 360 Field introduces an opportunity to increase profits and project quality through improving access to critical data throughout the project ecosystem."
- Advanced Solutions, Inc.
Software Partners
"Leading GCs can now enable AI on their photos and videos in less than 90 seconds with our direct integration to BIM 360."